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We have carried the full line of Jericho-made soaps since launching our salt-themed stores in 2011. Now we have a loyal following customers who love the gentle and effective treatment our soaps provide for a range of skin needs. Today, Jericho-made products are a vital component of our private label brand strategy.

Judit |Salt Cellar Owner USA Bubble

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While working as marketer in the food industry, I always wished to create my own brand in order to penetrate new markets. Bars of soap were the ideal products for me since they allowed me to start small and grow. Being unfamiliar with this field, it was essential for me to find a provider who would understand my needs and wishes, and would create soaps according to my requirements. It was very important for me to differentiate the soaps from the competition's while maintaining high quality standards without compromise. After failed attempts with several suppliers, Paloma Dead Sea helped me make this dream come true and transform a hobby into a profitable business. Today, I sell the soaps in Holland and Portugal and soon in the United States.

Michael Levy |Guild Enterprises Ltd Bubble

As a personal branding cosmetics manufacturer, I receive many requests from cosmetic brands and hotels for soap bars. To keep up with the high demand, I asked Paloma to create the soaps for me. Today, Paloma manufactures soaps for the best known hotels, such as the Herods, the Carlton, King David and more.
Paloma has the ability to create quality soaps in reasonable minimum quantities and according to the clients’ requirements, who are very satisfied with the results.

Daniel Marciano |Corporell Bubble

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We are very satisfied with your products and, therefore decided to offer them to some of our special guests. Amongst them were U.K Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and U.S. Vice President George Bush who found your products very pleasant.

V.Shalem |Manager, King David Hotel Jerusalem Bubble