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Solid soap bars are the ideal products to enhance your product offering and boost your business

Here is why:


Let us manufacture your dream soap
by bringing your own unique custom soap ideas to life.



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Paloma Dead Sea’s R&D has developed a variety of soap formulas over the years. You can choose from existing Dead Sea-based formulas or create your own unique formula that meets your specifications and belongs exclusively to you. We have a sophisticated, special machine for making a few soap samples, allowing you to feel the soap before going into full-scale production and thereby, save a great deal of time and money.

Our base ingredients

We source our soap base supply directly from the leading manufacturers worldwide specializing in soap base production. Base ingredients include the soap noodles, and an extensive range of natural oils such as Olive Oil and Almond Oil, and plant extracts such as Chamomile and AloeVera.

On top of the base ingredients, you can add:


Paloma works with many fragrance suppliers so we can add any fragrance you desire. All our suppliers conform to the ISO standards, and we also test each scent before production.


We add to the soaps any ingredients you provide us or you can give us, the names of the ingredients you want to add and we will source them for you. We use the finest ingredients available in the market.



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Our bars can be molded with different shapes, including rounds, rectangles, ovals, curved bars, and many others. We can also match your bar to any color you prefer. Choose from a wide variety of Molds to make your soap stand out. If we don’t have the shape you want, we can create a mold for you.

Add art elements including:

  • Soap within soap
  • Soap with Grains (Exfoliating Soaps)
  • Two-color soaps
  • Heart shape
  • Round Soaps


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For a one-time fee, you can engrave your logo on the soap, or you can order generic soaps.



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Our in-house professional designer will work directly with you to create a state-of-the-art packaging carrying your brand. With special graphical effects, we will ensure that your soaps will have the strongest shelf-presence possible.

You can also choose your soaps wrapped in a clear plastic only (shrinked) – without a box.

  • Single soap pack
  • Tripple Soap Pack
  • Transparent Window


Before packing and per your request per your request, we can offer the following lab tests for your soap: stability test, foam volume, and wet cracking.



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Our minimum quantity is 3000 per soap. Please also note our No Minimum policy on in-stock soaps enables you to launch a comprehensive range of natural skincare products without costly minimums.



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  • Production Time – Once you approve the soap sample, it takes minimum 21 business day to produce them.
  • Payment Terms: 30% in advance and the balance when the order is ready for shipment.
  • Payment Terms: we accept credit cards, money transfer and LC.
  • We ship worldwide by air and sea and will gladly give you a quote.

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