Private Label Top


What can we do for you?

We, Paloma Dead Sea Ltd help you do the following:

  • Expand your cosmetic line with a unique, inexpensive product that people need and love
  • Increase sales and save costs
  • Expose your brand to new markets.


How can we do this?

By manufacturing solid soaps carrying your brand both on the soaps and on the packaging.


Why choose us?


  • More than 20 years’ experience in the field of development, manufacturing and delivery of soaps to clients, including hotels, cosmetics companies and distributors worldwide.
  • Our facilities are the only ones in Israel with capabilities of manufacturing Dead Sea solid soaps.¬†We produce solid soaps for all Dead Sea cosmetics suppliers in Israel.
  • Our yearly production numbers are 100,000 bars of soap and rising.
  • Our investment in qualified chemists, top natural raw materials, and sophisticated manufacturing and packaging plant machinery allows for maximum flexibility in providing a customized solution.
  • You can choose between branded or unbranded soaps cut by machine or hand. You can go for industrial or hand-made soaps. Packaging solutions are also available to finalize your product line.
  • You get a final product. You send us your logo and we make everything for you in a short time and under one roof.
  • With our low minimum quantities and competitive prices, you don’t need a huge budget for PL soaps. You can start small and grow.
  • We have licenses from the Ministry of Health, meet ISO requirements and hold a GMP certificate. Our products are also FDA approved.
  • Per request, we submit your soaps to the lab for stability tests.
  • You can use our readily available formulas, provide your own, or mix between the two
  • Our formulas include Dead Sea minerals that take the soap to a different level and give it a competitive edge over other soaps in the market. Dead Sea minerals are known for their powerful effect on the look and health of the skin.
  • Our soaps are 100% natural and contain top-quality raw ingredients, including natural oils and plant extracts.